Therapeutic areas

Customized Solutions Adapted To Your Therapeutic Areas

All therapeutic areas face specific challenges, from patient populations to endpoints, assessment instruments and other strict study design requirements. If those needs aren’t properly understood, your goals will not be met. Therefore, it is crucial to partner with an experienced contract research organization that has a solid understanding of the clinical development process and breadth of therapeutic areas expertise.

Our valuable therapeutic insight in cancer research and ophthalmology, paired with data quality expertise, will make a critical difference to the outcome of your clinical trials.

  • Our scientific background, experienced teams and in-house therapeutic expertise will provide you with effective study design, start-up and management. We will tailor seamless solutions, specific to your clinical trial therapeutic area.
  • A significant portion of IDDI employees have scientific background in specific therapeutic areas.
  • IDDI’s broad range of expertise is reflected in its expert publications in various medical and statistical journals and through its presence at major meetings and congresses (list provided on request).
  • IDDI’s in-depth experience had been gained from involvement in over 1200 clinical trials across a wide range of therapeutic areas – handling drug, diagnostic and medical device issues, as well as assisting clients in obtaining 21 FDA/EMA approvals.

Experience in the Main Therapeutic Areas:

IDDI’s main therapeutic area of expertise is cancer research, with substantial experience in ophthalmology, cardiovascular and CNS diseases.

Therapeutic areas
Experience over the last 5 years Global Experience

The company has been involved in 15 marketing approvals
of anti-cancer therapies.

233 trials  751 trials

IDDI’s contributed methodology and technology supported Macugen® marketing approval.

 44 trials 141 trials
9  trials 53 trials
  • CNS (Central Nervous System)
27 trials 51 trials
7 trials 35 trials
Currently involved in 12 clinical trials, primarily related to the second generation of monoclonal antibodies.
IDDI has worked on 97 orphan drug studies

Other Significant Therapeutic Areas:

• Infectious diseases (hepatitis B, hepatitis C), central nervous system, autoimmune diseases, nutrition, orphan diseases.
• Medical devices: Our processes conform to medical device studies, both for pilot and pivotal studies.
• We help our clients achieve the European Conformity CE marking and FDA approvals for medical devices.
• IDDI has successfully helped a cardio-vascular device approval in the US, and validation of a cancer diagnostics product also submitted to the FDA.

Breakdown of Trials by Therapeutic Area (number of trials over the last five years):