IDDI speaking at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Clinical Trials (SCT)

May 17, 2021 — April 20, 2021

IDDI presenting two sessions at the Clinical Trials Annual Meeting

  • May 18 – 5pm: Marc Buyse, ScD will give a talk at the session on “RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN QUANTITATIVE BENEFIT-RISK ASSESSMENT IN CLINICAL TRIALS”
  • In this session Dr. Buyse will focus on the recent development of generalized pairwise comparisons (GPC) for benefit-risk
    assessment. GPC uses all pairwise comparisons between two patients in different treatment arms in terms of one or
    several prioritized outcomes. Examples of GPC include “net treatment benefit” (difference between the proportion of
    pairs in favor of treatment less the proportion in favor of control) and “win ratio” (proportion of pairs in favor of
    treatment over the proportion of pairs in favor of control). Pairwise comparisons can incorporate thresholds of clinical
    relevance, enable several outcomes to be analyzed simultaneously, and can be used flexibly for the benefit risk
    assessment of therapeutic interventions.  
  • May 20, 4pm: He will introduce a keynote session on the “David Sackett Trial of the Year 2020”.  The recipient of the award is the UK RECOVERY trial (testing various treatments for COVID hospitalized patients

The 42ND ANNUAL MEETING of the Society for Clinical Trials (SCT) will focus on Advancing Rigorous and Ethical Trials in the Pandemic Era.

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