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Minimize Treatment Allocation Bias with our Randomization and Trial Supply Management System (RTSM)

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Increasingly complex clinical study designs and treatment scenarios make the randomization process more complicated.

ID-net™ simplifies randomization by using a Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) system and minimizes treatment allocation bias by using its proven statistical methodology. We take advantage of our validated technology and our expertise in biostatistics to implement any randomization or treatment allocation scheme.

ID-net: IDDI Randomization and Trial Supply Management System (RTSM)

  • ID-net™, IDDI’s in-house developed Randomization and Trial Supply Management System (RTSM) dedicated to randomization and treatment allocation, and its optional functionality for drug-supply management (ID-supply™), are integrated in our EDC system. This allows users (investigators) to access both functionalities using single sign-on (one single login and password).
  • ID-net™ is designed and validated to manage the algorithms required for a variety of randomization algorithms. It can be easily plugged into various EDC solutions and drug-supply distributors’ systems, and is adjustable throughout the study with no downtime.

Sponsors use ID-net™ to monitor patient recruitment in real time, while investigators use the same Internet platform to allocate treatments to patients in clinical trials.

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Key Benefits of our Randomization and Trial Supply Management System (RTSM)

  • Implementation of complex randomization schemes :
    • Stratified designs using static or dynamic schemesInteractive Response Technology (IRT)
    • Stratified permuted block randomization
    • Stochastic minimization
    • Multi-stage randomization designs
    • Adaptive dose-finding designs
    • Response-adaptive designs
    • Eligibility checks
    • Multi-stage randomization and unblinding
    • Blinded treatment allocations
    • Open treatment allocations
  • Adaptive automatic drug supply process to optimize study medication usage (ID-supply™)
  • Real time and seamless integration with IDDI’s EDC solution
  • Easily integrated with any other EDC
  • Features include: patient screening, patient withdrawal, treatment response, code break, online reporting
  • Fast study build
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Validated system
  • 24/7 availability and worldwide coverage with a 24/7 helpdesk supported by IDDI employees
  • Compatible with tablets and smartphones