Medical coding – ID-code

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Clinical trials require medical coding of diseases,  adverse events and medications using standard dictionary terminologies, such as MedDRA and WHO-DD (WHO Drug Dictionary).  Standardizing recorded medical terms through medical coding is an essential step in the submission of study results to regulatory authorities.

IDDI provides an innovative and efficient way of coding: AEs, SAEs and medical history are coded with IDDI’s in-house developed, user friendly ID-code™ web system, which relies on MedDRA, and coding of concomitant medications is done using WHO-DD. Medical coding improves clinical data consistency, it is of critical importance for the clinical trial speed.

ID-code™: IDDI Web-Based Medical Coding:


The coding process is interactive; responsibilities are shared among IDDI data managers and the IDDI medical coder as well as the Sponsor, who can validate the medical coding terms on-line.

ID-code™ is a tool used under an application service provider (ASP) mode by the sponsor, or with full support of IDDI’s data managers and medical coders.

ID-code™ uses electronic signatures and online validation to avoid delays associated with traditional coding management.

ID-code™  can be used as stand-alone tool or integrated into EDC system.

Numbers of codes managed with ID-code since 2008: