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Clinical endpoints and treatment effect in immuno-oncology

July 7, 2020


IDDI Complimentary Webinar on Immuno-Oncology Immuno-oncology is a buoyant field of research, with recently developed drugs showing unprecedented response rates and/or a hope for a meaningful prolongation of the overall survival of some patients. In this webinar our speakers reviewed: […]


Finding the one: How to choose a Clinical Partner in Sea of Service Providers

Press room

What should companies look for when selecting a CRO clinicalpartner?  Just one in ten drug candidates are successful in clinical trials, and the number of products making it from development to approval is currently at an all-time low.It means sponsors […]

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Integration of Biomarker Validation in Clinical Development in Oncology


The development and qualification of biomarkers are keys to the future of drug development and precision medicine, particularly in oncology. Read IDDI Article published in Applied Clinical Trials.  Precision medicine relies on validated biomarkers that allow classification of patients by […]

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The Value of Statistically driven RTSM Solutions


Today’s session is focusing on: the correct implementation of RTSM solutions is key to ensuring operational success of the clinical trial and maintaining  trial integrity  the importance of involving statisticians from the inception of the trial. the challenges for a […]

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White papers

The COVID-19 pandemic has a major impact on the conduct of most on-going clinical trials, in particular on the treatment of patients and the schedule of their planned protocol visits. General guidance is available from both FDA and EMA on […]

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