Our Team

Clinical Trial Management


Our Team is our Strongest Asset! Flexible – Responsive – Proactive – With Scientific Background

  • For the Clinical Trial Management, a Project Manager is assigned to every project, enabling coordination between all parties involved and active as the point of contact with the client at all times. The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that the project is completed on time, within budget and to our highest quality standards. You will also be assigned a Project Manger and Coordinator who will be the same person managing the study at the specification stage as delivering your locked database or statistical results on time.
  • IDDI’s turnover is minimal, which ensures the same staff are utilized on each of your projects from start to finish. This industry leading staff retention is driven by our scientific philosophy that is often different to most CROs who are purely business driven. You will often find that the only consistent team members supporting your studies are those from IDDI.
  • All of our Data Managers have a scientific background and experience of using several EDC systems. Each Data Manager has a holistic approach of the DM process, performing all tasks from A to Z.
  • Our biostatisticians are industry leading and benefit from the coaching received in innovative research areas by mentors from IDDI’s Expert Consultants team.
  • IDDI has its roots in academia. Our staff is recognized industry-wide through publications in various industry journals and invitations to speak at scientific conferences and meetings.
  • Our people are our strongest asset and this is reinforced by our clients: flexibility, responsiveness, proactiveness are skills often mentioned by our customers, along with our scientific reach, adding value to the data collection, analyses and reporting activities.